Many of us would not have listened to this name for the very first time ‘Paella Pan’. Most importantly, to note that Paella is the dish of Spain and is cooked in pans; those pans are known as paella pan.  For cooking paella, a pan is required; this pan is wide and shallow to create a maximum surface area that allows the liquid to evaporate and to form a crispy golden crust of Paella.

Size of Paella Pan

Size of best paella pan always depends on an individual need for eating and the number of people you are cooking for. It comes in size of diameter from eight 8 inches for a single serving to way up to 60 inches in which you can cook and feed 300 of your friends in once.

Deciding what kind of Paella Pan to buy?

This pan comes in 3 types, or we can say that it has three different models.

Paella pans are constructed from a variety of materials. The carbon steel best paella pan is traditionally used in Valencia, Spain for cooking Paella as they are affordable, lightweight and conduct heat very efficiently.

The other option for pans are, stainless steel pan are heavy and do not require any special upkeep. It is also expensive compared to carbon steel pans as stainless steel are the superior quality steel so they are usually expensive and also they last longer than carbon steel pans.

Other uses of paella pan?

It can also be used for cooking other foods which require wide and flat surface like chicken cutlets, fish fillets, and for pancakes.

There are lot many uses of the paella pan, it is more used in Spain, and it’s a great investment for them to buy this pan.