The section of gamers is always looking for the game which can provide the player the real feeling of the king or the lord. That’s why the game is created for such lovers of the kings where they may live the life of king and can order and fight and do many more. The game start with the group of people who are very weak and with less star rating but as you move further with the game you can make them stronger and make your palace bigger. There is a worth using function of the game Rise of Kingdoms Lost Crusade Hack which may be tried by the player in the time of need.

Tasks of the king

  • There are always some duties with the rights. The same thing is applicable to the game. There are some important things to do as a king of the game.
    • You must keep your villagers happy.
    • Build new villages and train the villagers with new skill and they may develop your kingdom.
    • Have strong troops and train them time to time to fight with other rivals of the game.
    • Keep your king and character always in good mood, for that allows them whatever they want to do.
    • Tap the bubbles to grant the wishes of the characters.

Use more powerful weapons

To win the battle against the opponent kings you must try to use more powerful and more destroyable weapons. Try to occupy and capture the castle of the defeated kings. In this way you can have more enjoyment of the game. And never forget to use the Rise of Kingdoms Cheats to use.  Building and upgrading castle is fruitful for you as to be the best player of the game. Being a successful king you need not to be powerful but being smart enough is necessary and knowing what to do next.