Today any age of groups are active the social media and Instagram is one of the top trending platforms. It comes with a mobile application and in which we can share our moments in the form of photos or videos. Find the new people and enhance the popularity by posting much content on it. The mobile app is suitable for many operating systems, and we can easily install it.

The app is free of cost, and the user should update it for getting the new features. If you face any problem regarding login, then you can choose the Instagram password cracker. It is handy for all users, and we do not need any permission for that. Here we are showing some features of it, and you should read about it before beginning.

Photo editing tool

Clear and attractive pictures are the first choice of the people, so that photo editing tool is available. The user can easily browse the photo by the mobile gallery and start editing. In the app, many kinds of filters are also present, and the individual can apply them for attractive pictures.

Private message

Instagram allows us to send the private message, and such are a secure way of talking with a loving one. We can also see the active friends in the chat, and you use the emoji, flash files, pictures, etc.

Real-time video streaming

Video streaming is good for real-time chat, and by that, you can get more views. The user can also upload the long videos in the IGTV.